Pauline McWilliams runs four glorious choirs in the Southampton area which focus on the joy of singing together. The choirs are very friendly, supportive and welcoming. There are no auditions and you will never be asked to sing on your own (unless you want to). We learn by ear with no written music.

Why sing?

  • Amazing for our mood as it releases chemicals in the brain to make us feel good. There is a lot of laughter in our choirs. We leave each session with a big smile on our faces. 

  • Excellent for our brains as we listen and remember.

  • Singing together is exceptionally good as it breaks down barriers and trusting friendships are easily formed.

  • Great physical workout for your lungs encouraging effective deep breathing which helps lower stress.

  • Big boost to self esteem and pride when performing for others.

Even if you have never sung before or think your voice is rusty you will be welcome here. We celebrate everyone’s unique voice and, like other skills, the more we do it, the better we get. All the choirs perform around the Southampton area, but if you would rather not perform, just come along and cheer loudly on performance day!


We sing old songs, new songs and songs from around the world (without backing tracks or accompaniment). Some are easy to pick up and some take more practice. 



This choir is for people with Parkinson’s and their supporters. Pauline has been specifically trained in leading singing for people with Parkinson’s and we do bespoke exercises to loosen up the body, breath and voice before we start. We also work on voice volume, sequencing , rhythm and memory. It is a very joyful group who love performing. Everyone is supportive and caring and understands the sometimes unpredictable nature of Parkinson's. We meet on a Tuesday afternoon 2-3.30pm which gives us time for tea and a chat before we start singing at The United Reformed Church above Iceland in Bitterne. The church is accessible up a ramp and the toilets are big enough for a wheelchair. There is parking nearby.

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"Singing is good fun and a great way of expressing ourselves" - Jon


We are a relaxed choir who sing in 3-part harmony. Supportive friendships have been made and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Some of the songs can take a while to get the hang of but we sound great when it all comes together.  We meet on a Wednesday morning at 10:30 for tea and chat before we start singing till 12 noon. We sing at All Saints Church in Winchester Road (corner of Pointout Road) Southampton SO16 7DH

(from 18 August 2021. Before then we are in Bitterne 11am - 12noon due to Covid restrictions)
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"Lovely people who made me feel welcome from my first time" - Wilma



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We are a group of enthusiastic, supportive and friendly men who sing together unaccompanied (no piano or backing track). We learn by ear and create our own harmonies. There is no audition to join - you will never be asked to sing on your own unless you want to - and no written music. We sing sea shanties and other songs we like. We frequently perform around the Southampton area.  We rehearse on a Wednesday evening 8pm - 9.30pm at 

All Saints Church in Winchester Road (corner of Pointout Road) Southampton SO16 7DH

(from 18 August 2021. Before then we are in Bitterne, 7-8pm due to Covid restrictions)

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"Great fun and a wonderful sound" - Lawrence

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My Mum and Dad met in a choir so singing has always been an important part of my life. Via the primary school choir to singing in bands in senior school and a barbershop choir I finally found Natural Voice choirs in my 40s. The Natural Voice movement celebrates our own unique voice and our right to express it as people have done in all cultures since the dawn of mankind. I did lots of training in the evenings and weekends and was lucky enough to be mentored by Maggie O’Connor, a local fabulous and experienced choir leader.

At the time my day job was working with vulnerable people in a safeguarding environment with the Council. I could see that singing together would really lift people’s mood and confidence but I couldn’t see how I could make that happen.


My dream came true, however, when that job came to an end and I was given the opportunity to become a self-employed choir leader – bit scary, but I built up my experience and now I am delighted to run these four amazing choirs that really enrich my soul and bring joy, confidence and friendship to the singers and audiences. I feel I have finally found my vocation.

I am married to the lovely Gary and between us we have four children all of whom have flown the nest. We live near the sports centre in Southampton.



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Members of Breathe Into Song choir

This choir was initially set up for people with breathing conditions but it is now open to anyone. We do specific exercises to help to improve lung health and sometimes we sing in harmony. This group is very welcoming, friendly and supportive and we really care about each other which is lovely to see.  We laugh a lot and love performing around the local area. We meet on a Thursday at 10:30 for a cup of tea and chat before singing until noon at The United Reformed Church above Iceland in Bitterne.
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"Joining this choir has improved my life. I have felt much better and made some lovely friends" - Nita



New members are very welcome any time. Bookings taken for any of the choirs to perform at events. Health professionals who would like to see what we do in a session are always welcome. If you have any questions please contact me.

Phone: 07548 128216